I have been and always will be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. To keep and bear arms is a foundational right of ours and I am proud to stand with my fellow Republicans to stop liberal attempts to take our guns.


This past Session, we passed the biggest tax break in decades and I was honored to cast a vote in favor of giving you back more of your hard earned money. Lower taxes mean more jobs and I will always work for solutions that benefit the residents of my district.


More and more in Virginia we’re seeing attempts by Democrats to expand abortion. None was more heinous than the bill proposed by Delegate Tran that would expand third trimester abortion here in the Commonwealth. I opposed wholeheartedly these liberal attempts and will always stand up for the unborn. I am 100% pro-life.


Our farmers are the backbone of our economy here in the Valley. We need more farmer friendly policies and I will continue to support our agriculture industry. In Rockbridge, Augusta, Bath and Amherst we know that better policies for farmers means more jobs and a stronger economy. I’m proud to support this industry.


I-81 has been severely underfunded for many years and has become a public safety issue. I am happy to support legislation that will bring $150 million per year for I-81 improvements. This will benefit economic development and people’s safety.