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In the coming days, you will hear many folks talk about their desire and intention to run for this seat.  Some you will know and recognize, but none will have more experience, dedication and loyal commitment to conservatism.  

I believe faith in God is essential to the moral fiber of our Nation. I also believe all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunities as citizens of a free society.   I will promote and protect free enterprise and fight to eliminate unconstitutional government interference.  Naturally, as a former law enforcement officer, I value the importance of obeying and enforcing our laws.  My record as a fiscal conservative will go with me to Richmond. You can trust me to exercise fiscal and budgetary restraint on behalf of you, the taxpayer. Finally, as a husband, father and grandfather, I am compelled to work tirelessly, to ensure Virginia remains the greatest state in the Nation! 

The Campaign for Ronnie Campbell for VA Delegate
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